: Earth Hour :

Friday, March 27, 2009 4:40 PM By εïз .y a t i e.sb. εïз 0 Impressi0n
.. jom j0in .. !!!
at least dpt mengurangkan pemanasan gl0bal

" Selamatkn Bumi kita "

Earth Hour Malaysia
hope this global campaign which is happening in Malaysia for the first time this year.


: dinner Burger King :

11:08 AM By εïз .y a t i e.sb. εïз 0 Impressi0n
last nite..
kami mkn

actly bru first time mkn kat burger king ni..
tu yg nk rse adekh burger ini blh trus "b'raja"
mknenye nnt next time kami akn mkn dstu lg..

we eat :

Chicken Burger
Chicken Tenders

French Fries

besh gak la..
next time leh c0me again
thx to Allah 4 the besh dinner 4 us..
alhamdullillah ^_^