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Thursday, June 04, 2009 1:58 PM By εïз .y a t i e.sb. εïз
: Bismillah ..... Salam :

hyep (:
smbil² bt keje..me dok tgok blog si aien ni..
bg feedback kat entry die..skali tnmpk plak tagg yg die bt..ade name me n my lil sis tu..
so..me pn rajinla m'btnye.. ( mud rajin ) tp dok bt yg second tagg die..
1st x bt lg..langkah plk..nasibla..he he
ni hsilnye..

1.the last person to tag you was ?
~ my chupchintap ^_^

2.Your relationship with him/her?
~ my lil sis
~ also merangkap my close fwen
~ my roommate, also my housemate
~ my partner everyday..my life also :P huhu

3.Your five impressions toward him/her?
-> c0mot
-> chubby
-> comey
-> caring
-> co sweet

4.The most memorable thing that he/she had ever done to you?
~ everyday / anyone she do this to me..make me memorable in my hearts..how sweet

5.The most memorable words that he/she has said to you?
~ every word she said

6.If he/she becomes your lover, you will ...
~ true lover wannabe? oowhh.. nope or yes ek? biarla cinta dlm hti :)

7.If he/she becomes your enemy, you will ...
~ warning u !! don't !!! nope !!

8.If he/she becomes your lover, he/she has to improve on ...
~ lover ke kite chup? kaseh wif lil sis to sis nye jek

9.If he/she becomes your enemy, the reason is ...
~ leave me al0ne..cannot accept

10.The most desirable things to do for him/her are ...

11.Overall impression towards him/her is ...
~ hanya me yg tahu..

12.How do you think the people around you will feel about you?
~ majuk kuat..huk huk :P yeke??

13.Who is your ideal ?
~ Hanya Tuhan Yang Tahu

14.What do you hate about yourself ?
~ dunno

15.For the people who care for you and like you, say something about them.
~ masih ade yg care of me? like me? thx a lot..
sgguhnye anda bijak menilai dgn sape anda b'kwn..
h0pe ianya akan b'terusan

16.Bra or panties ?
~ hurm? y this question? ade kne mgena?

17.Chocolate or ice cream ?
~ nk 2² ..xkire

18.2 people to tag ?
~ all readers blogger..( lari dr soklan, bkn x phm soklan k :P )

19.Who is number 2 having relationship with ?
~ fwenz wannabe?

20.Is she/he a male or female ?
~ both of 2

21.If number 1 and 2 got together, would that be a good thing ?
~ biarkan aje

22.Is number 1 single?
~ single mingle.hik..hik..find ur partnerla..

23.Say something to number 2.
~ hye.. (:

24.What do you think about number 1 and 2 being together ?
~ together- gether..huhu

25.Describe number 1.
~ nobody? don't no who? how to describe?

26.What will you do if number 1 and 2 fight ?
~ n0t gud to fight² le..shake hand cpt~!!

..dedication cket..
thx to my 2² CC coz blnje KFC 4 lunch td..
h0pe b+ mrh rezki..
also thx to sis maton, bg b0rrow mgkuk :P huhu
Ameen *_*


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